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Best House Builders – Insights & Tips for New Home Buyers – In 2018 it is estimated there are over 220,000 New Home Builders in the United States. About 240 of them build 70 homes or more per year. About 40 of the Best House Builders sell more than 1,000 homes per year and at least 2 of them sell more than 30,000 homes annually. Many of the Best House Builders still can’t build homes fast enough in the warmer states like Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and the Carolinas.

However, July of 2018 marked more than 30-months in a row of declining New Home sales in:

  • New York – smaller cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and the Upstate in particular – (weather & taxes)

  • California – in at least 4 of the Major Metro Areas including San Diego are declining – (prices & taxes, and more taxes)

Many New Home Builders remain reluctant to build homes on the speculation that new home buyers will keep buying. “Spec” Homes also known as “Standing Inventory” can be hard to find even in today’s seller’s market. The Builder reluctance is brought on by the still fresh memory of the Housing Crash along with the increased prices on lumber and other materials. Plus the higher prices for labor and elevated Mortgage rates. Plus… it is estimated that nearly 80% of the US population has no plans to move in the next 5-years, and about 75% of those folks don’t plan to move at all.

real estate savingsBest House Builders is a Member of The Real Estate Savings Center Network of consumer-centric real estate portals. It is designed to help save real estate consumers time and money. The Best House Builders website offers the following links to give you detailed information and insights to locating a home in your hometown or your destination city.


  • New Home Source – the largest database of New Home in the USA for New Home Buyers.

  • Better Business Bureau – enter your City or Zip Code to see their ratings of A+ House Builders and other Construction companies.

  • Consumer Affairs – New Home Buyers need to check out these reviews of New Home Builders. You will see why you likely will need to make sure the supervisor for your new home is staying on top of the details and in close touch with the sub-contractors on a regular basis.

  • Houzz – mostly Home Design ideas and Home Improvement Products. Some Home Builder Reviews.

new home buildersFinding, Financing, Buying and Closing on a New Home can be frustrating and costly for new home buyers, but this is where The Real Estate Savings Center can help: – Do House Builders lower their prices? We do think you will find this Best House Builders website helpful if you are planning a buying New Home Construction.  READ MORE – is also a helpful and integral part of the Nationwide Real Estate Savings Center Network. – while waiting for Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search to be the new normal for the Real Estate Industry, The Real Estate Savings Center links you to the benefits of what we consider to be the current Best Home Search:

  • The Most MLS Listings with updates every 15-minutes or so through

  • Meet highly rated Buyer Brokers and Accredited Buyer Representatives who will work as you advocate to help you get the best price and terms even though most New Home Builders will not negotiate their home prices in today market.

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