house buildersBest House Builders is a good place to start the learning process about locating and purchasing New Home Construction.

First of all, maybe you are just looking so we are pleased to be able to present you with the largest database of New Homes in the USA. Of course not all House Builders or House Plans are available in any one area, but it is a good place to start the process of locating the Best House Builders in your area of interest.
So do New House Builders negotiate their price?  Most do not, and here is why: Let’s say you, as a buyer of a new home, can get the builder to lower the list $300,000 price on the house you are interested in by $10,000. You decide to buy and actually pay less that the person that bought the same floor plan in the same neighborhood before you. The property values in the neighborhood are now going down. Then a month later you found out that another buyer got an even better deal than you did on the same home model with the same upgrades you have. The House Builders can obviously has a problem if the values of homes they are building is going down the home owners in the neighborhood are not happy – except maybe the last buyer to buy! Nobody else is going to like the builder too much, and neither the builder or the neighborhood is not going to have good reputation.

House Builders prefer to offer Incentives to Home Buyers in the form of promotions like Free Upgrades, Contributions to Financing or Closing Costs, and other Incentives that provide buyers a “Better Value”. House Builders also prefer to keep the list prices the same until they may be forced to raise their base price to cover added material and/or labor costs. This is a better option than cutting corners with cheaper labor and materials that will obviously lead to an inferior final residential product.

Things you might consider asking for in your negotiations with the new home builder could include Free Upgrades such as Granite counter tops i stead of Corian counter tops which are a solid surface composite material made by DuPont.  Another option might be a new refrigerator if not included with the home purchase. Such upgrades can add good value to your home without influencing the value of other homes in the area. Perhaps paying less for a “lot Premium” would get you the added value you are looking for. Or perhaps having the builder install the grass sod for the entire yard instead of just the front and sides of the property.

Some builders have been know to provide Gift Card to a local home and garden store to help you pay for anything you might want from window coverings to a Gas Grill. In golf communities sometimes the builder will offer a Club membership for a year or two.

With that said, many builders may be willing to negotiate on other items, and a good real estate Buyer’s Agent can usually help you get the very best overall deal on the new home of your choice. With an experienced Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s Broker working as your advocate you are less likely to miss an incentive or promotion being offered by local House Builders. Plus if a Buyer’s Agent who is a Member of The Real Estate Savings Center Network is available in your area, you can enjoy an Agent Commission Split of 15% to 67% of whatever MLS Fee the house builder may be offering. This in itself can  save you thousands of dollars that you cannot save on your own.

As a member of The Real Estate Savings Center Network, your Buyer’s Agent either knows or can help you find the “hot buttons” for builders in your area, and help get you more of what you are looking for a no additional cost.